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Learning, transformed.

The next generation Promethean ActivPanel 9 offers easy authentication and secure sign-in options, streamlined connection to your content, flexible lesson delivery systems, and myriad ways to personalize the user experience. It's everything you need to revolutionize how you teach, and transform how students learn.


Interactive panels with features for the unique needs of teachers, IT administrators, and school leaders.


​Interactive panels with enhanced security that protects your personal data.

Multiple sign-in options

Sign out remotely

Panel management


The only interactive panel with ActivSync Technology.


Connect devices without the use of Wi-Fi

Intuitive Remote

Roaming Profile


Easy to use, so you can focus on teaching.

Customized menu and personalized profile

Simple sign-in

Screen record and screen share


Built to last and powered with robust capabilities.


Powered by USB-C

Integrated Microphone

7 video inputs and outputs

Vellum touch technology 


Ideal for all learning environments.


Record lessons

Platform/device agnostic

Screen share in real-time


Demo an ActivPanel 9

If you're in Arizona and interested in a demo, please reach out!  We'll ensure you're invited to our next demo event in Tempe.  In a hurry? Please give us a call to setup a time to come by!

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