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Unparalleled Day-2 Security Operations Support  

Premise One provides highly-trained, certified technicians, operators, and automated systems designed to support Enterprise Client physical security infrastructures and mission critical security operations and loss prevention teams. 

Services Beyond Installation

Day-0 is the design and development process, while Day-1 is about installation and configuration as products and services are commissioned and handed to Operations teams. 

Day-2 is the longest and arguably the most challenging phase of any project, when it's up to Operations teams to keep the lights on for a service while continually improving not just the applications and products but the way they're utilized in support of security or loss-prevention process.  

Our service delivery teams operate nation-wide as risk owners for our Clients, providing 24/7, full-stack, manufacturer or ISV certified technical expertise for physical security systems monitoring, maintenance, operation, and on-site repair.  

Escalate to us. We're here to help.


Our goal is to operate as an extension of your Operation, offering the most responsive and committed service team you've seen in low voltage.

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Trust Us with Your Service Needs

If you're looking for an out sourced physical security monitoring, maintenance and repair team who's able to work as an extension of your operations team - we'd like to talk.  

What type of assistance are you after?

If this is an emergency please give us a ring versus submit this form.  We'd like to talk to see if we can help immediately.  If non-emergency, then please give us as much detail as you can so we can have the right person follow up.  We typically follow up within 24 business hours.

Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will reach out to discuss!

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